Thursday, May 26, 2011

Why I don't want to eat Genetically modified foods..

Whoever thinks GM crops provide better yield than crops grown under integrated pest management method is misunderstood. There is no major improvement in yield by using GMO seeds. What about external costs of using GM crops and pesticides ? If you know what I mean..

I don't want the money I spend in buying foods to reach monster agri corporations. Why should I make them and their shareholders rich ?

If every food that we eat is GM, where is freedom of choice? This is undemocratic. Europe provides freedom of choice, America doesn't.

Buying locally grown or organic foods support small farmers and help create healthy communities. Check the facts, small farmers can't afford GM crops and supplemental pesticides.

Finally don't mess with mother nature. You don't know the consequences and you won't be able to bear it.


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