Sunday, September 25, 2011

Why mainstream medicine is a failed approach ?

The only way people in mainstream medicine know to overcome an infection is by using a poison/chemical to kill a bacteria or virus that is supposedly causing this problem. First you put this poison in our body thinking that it will kill the bacteria while knowing that it will kill good bacteria and kill some body tissues as well during the course.

This is the same approach of using pesticides to kill crop pests. This is the culture of war that is so deeply ingrained in western culture and in some sense in primitive human instincts. This violent fight/war is going on by mainstream medicine and US/Europe military to conquer and kill all known enemies and they some how think there is no alternative to this war.

If you are against violence and you are against the concept of war, then you should seek alternative non violent methods/ideas to solve the problem. By being non violent doesn't mean you shouldn't defend yourself, but you will never attack somebody else or infections by using poison.

Let me give you an example, if you are a perfectly healthy individual and you get infected with Malaria. The only thing you need to do is eat healthy diet and let the infection run it's course in your body. If your body is healthy, your immune system will fight the infection and after a week or so you will be perfectly normal and your immune system is stronger. That is how you treat an infection, not by loading your body with chemicals and toxins.

Similarly the way to control crop pests is not by spraying highly toxic pesticides, but by using natures own way of dealing with pests by using Integrated pest management method. You might lose 10% of crop by the pests, but your poultry can eat those pests and give you a lot of eggs. Remember nothing is wasted in nature and everything is renewed. It is only the crude human unsustainable thinking which destroy and waste precious nature and life.

So the next time you are down with cold/fever don't fear and start taking pills, eat healthy stay active and if you need try safe alternative remedies without side effects. God bless.


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